See ya’ later June… Welcome July!

We had some really beautiful last few days of the month of June… excellent weather for fishing with water temps staying in the high 70’s…. not quite yet where we want them to be, but we’re getting there…we can feel it. There are lots of billfish very close to the shore… stripe marlin, blue marlin, sailfish and swordfish. We’re also seeing mako sharks and hammerheads, huge porpoise schools full of tuna, mantas are everywhere and big rooster fish can be seen chasing bait just meters away from the shore, all the way to the sand.

Jason Poch, Scott Draggo and ( ), all California residents, spent a fabulous, fun-filled weekend here with us at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. They enjoyed riding quads, some rest and relaxation on the beachand by the pool, some good old fashioned partying and of course fishing. And speaking of fishing… these are fun guys… they boarded the CALERESTE dressed up as pirates to sail the sea looking for tuna! They headed southeast of Hotel Buena Vista and could nothave been happier with their results…. Tuna limits, awesome service by their crew Julio and Cris, and lots of fun. “We love coming here and fishing with these guys. They are young and experienced, they work hard and know their fishing spots well… unforgettableexperience.”

We at Hotel Buena Vista, were once again very happy and proud to host our friend Brian Bisk and his “Wall 2 Wall” Commercial Flooring Group here for their 23rd annual “2019 Tuna Jackpot” and company retreat. Everybody enjoyed a great time at the resort from the minute they got here. Most headed straight for the pool complex to cool off with cold beverages at our swim up bar while others headed for the hammocks or took a walk around the resort to check out the beach and hot springs.

After welcome cocktails, all the teams met for the tournament rules, boat orders were taken and we were ready to rock. Rods and gear, lures and bait, rapalas and hoochies were all ready and on the dock, ready to go. At 7am they were off aboard the ALEGRIA, CALERESTE, DOTTIE BII, DUSTY BII, ECLIPSE91, LILLIANA, CGBUNDO AND YANET, with tuna, marlin and dorado on their minds, and they caught them all. A lot of fish were brought to the scale, but none surpassed Kelly Dreisel’s 57.2 lb. tuna caught aboard the DOTTIE BII, winning the grand prize, a trip back to Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort! In the billfish category, Matt Bell aboard the LILLIANA caught and released the winning 110 lb. striped marlin and took home some nice cash. Congratulations to all!

Amy and Mark Krahus fishing with Jody Johannessen and Mark Willis aboard the 3 HERMANOS had a terrific fishing trip landing dorado and tuna, and also caught and released five marlins. Squid, live ballyhoo, lures and rapala all worked very well for them just a few miles out from the lighthouse. Congratulations Mark and Mark!


Welcome back Ron Viodes and Luiz Diaz fishing aboard the YANET with longtime friends and favorite crew Felipe and Reggie. They had a great time boating tuna and catching and releasing marlin. “Fishing with these guys never gets old”.

Welcome Mason and Melissa Lincoln, fishing for the first time with the Hotel Buena Vista fleet. “We got a good taste of what it’s like fishing down here. These guys work hard and they know what they’re doing”. They started off well with a stripe marlin release, caught a huge jack cravalle, fought a 50 lb. rooster fish for a while, and the same with a big dorado before it got off the hook.

Fishing is great right now….and still getting better!

Luis Enrique Fraijo


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