Even deck hands like to fish on their days off!

Fish Report February 22, 2019

Though we’ve had a few nice weather days, the winds here on the East Cape have been persistent and will continue to be for the next several days. But that doesn’t mean folks aren’t catching fish!

Hotel Buenavista’s Marco Garcia, professional deck hand aboard the Dottie B II, took a trip on his own this week and landed a couple of really fine Yellowtail.

The Allegria with four anglers aboard including local Ian Gibson, and a panga carrying hotel guest Troy Mackinnon from Calgary Canada set out this morning heading offshore. Yesterday Troy brought in a nice Cabrilla off the beach.

On Wednesday, more than thirty local friends and neighbors of Hotel Buenavista got together and brought their fresh catches to the hotel’s El Navigate beachfront restaurant. They shared lots of laughter and fish stories and enjoyed an amazing variety of fish dishes (Dorado. Sierra, Pompano and Pargo to name a few) expertly prepared and served by the kitchen staff.


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