A week that gather friends and family for fishing

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort

October 18-25

Weather has been a bit cooler with temps in the low- to mid-80s and winds         from the north up to 10 mph.

The water cooled and is now from mid- to low-80s

Fewer boats went out this past week due to lower hotel occupancy and the change of seasons.  Those that did had some smash mouth action with tuna, dorado and marlin.  This year’s monumental tuna bite continued, aided by the great sardina and squid bait.  Near Cerro Verde, big schools of tuna and mahi-mahi were spotted just outside La Ribera.   A few blue marlin had been caught and released recently and close to shore, the roosterfish bite seemed to improve slightly.

Sandra Hrochovy and Sussan Bennett, aka Thelma & Louis, from Houston, (as well as Mark Bennett from Houston) landed tuna and dorado aboard Calereste aided by the crew of Julio and Luis. They had a great time!

Ditto the tuna and dorado for Roland Moreno and friends visiting from San Francisco aboard Yaneth with Reggie and Felipe.

 Giovany Ojeda and his family from Los Barriles aboard Dusty BII enjoyed a day of family fishing landing tuna, dorado and red snapper.

Ken and Nick Boyle from Vermont, fishing aboard Dottie BII, released a couple of blue marlin while fishing just north of Hotel Buenavista.



Mark Bennett, also from Houston, fishing aboard Dusty BII, released a roosterfish and landed a grouper. Another day, Bennett, Robert Hrochovy, Sandra Hrochovy and Sussan Bennett fished with Julio Cota & Luis Arce on the Calereste.

Ana Quiñonez from La Paz fished with Capt. Felipe Valdez and Santiago Cota landing both tuna and dorado on the Yaneth.





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