Guests from all over the US, fished up and down the Sea of Cortez

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort

September 20-27 Report

Water temps were ideal at 83 to 87 degrees.

The air temps cooled down a click, ranging from the mid-80s to low 90s.

Winds were from the SE blowing up to about 16kph from time to time.

Although the water wasn’t as clear as hoped, fishing has been great with all the yellowfin tuna and dorado you’d want for back-breaking amusement.  Hotel skippers keep seeing huge schools of both tuna and dorado up and down the Sea of Cortez.

Kenji Horii visiting from México City fished several times with Capt. Juan Garcia and mate Julio Cota aboard Regina; he landed tuna, dorado and red snapper inshore. also Ken and Tucker Woychuk, visiting from New York City, fished 1/2 day inshore aboard Cazador with Capt. Manny Bocardo and landed a half dozen tuna.

Fishing offshore, Diego and Julie Aviles, Jaqueline Lucero and Diego Castro from Los Barriles aboard Vagabundo landed a little over a dozen tuna.

Hassan Medina, visiting from La Paz, fished ½-day inshore aboard Vagabundo and landed tuna, dorado and white bonito.

Randy Parole, Scott Collins and Arch Asawa from Newport Beach had a great day aboard Dusty BII with Capt. Carlos and deckhand Valentin landing a dozen tuna and dorado.

Eric Hartwell, Paul Borcherding and Tom Fassbender from Sacramento aboard Calereste landed 10-plus tuna and dorado.

Terry Robinson, from the San Diego area, aboard the Vagabundo. landed tuna and white bonito.

Jackie and Eric McClellan from Kansas City with Brenda and Michele Cagliostro from Northern California spent three days aboard Vagabundo landing tuna, white bonito, dorado and amberjack.



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