Lots of dorado and tuna schools near the hotel

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort

September 13-20 Report

Water temps were 82 to 86 degrees.

Winds were calm to mild, around 10mph.

The air was humid with temps from the high 80s to low 90s.

The sea remains littered with hurricane remnants, which is a mixed blessing.  It seems every floating palm fronds and other debris is stacked underneath with decent-sized dorado. There’s been great improvement in the clarity in the last few days and we expect it to be pristine again very soon.

Lots of dorado and tuna schools were seen near the hotel just 10 minutes north by Cardonal while down south of Los Frailes tuna and dorado were hitting sardina and squid.

Guests and amateur marine biologists alike were pleased to see all the sea turtles very close to the hotel.

Visiting from Arkansas we had our longtime hotel guests and friends Suzy and Chuck Fehlig.

William Layman and Melissa Cook had a blast landing tuna, dorado and wahoo aboard Vagabundo with the crew of Chayo and Santiago Cota; and also aboard Dusty BII with skipper and mate Carlos Castro and Valentin.

Donald Ostrom visiting from Nevada and Russ Lusch from California had a great day landing both tuna and dorado aboard Yanet with a crew of Felipe and Reggie.




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