The fishing was excellent this week

July 19 – July 26, 2017

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort

The sea was calm in the mornings, flat as a lake, with little or no wind until after 3:00 p.m. when it blew a little … up to 6 knots. Water temp was near the mid 80s.

The weather temp was around the low- to mid-90s.

The fishing was excellent this week.  As the fleet traveled to most of the fishing points from Cerralvo Island down south to the Destiladeras, El Cardon and Punta Gorda, they spotted schools of dorado, tuna, marlin, mantas, dolphin, different kinds of sharks and turtles.

The tuna were south, past the lighthouse all the way down near Pulmo Park.  Schools of dorado were spotted north by the 88, but they were small.

Wrap up:

Repeat guest George Bender and Jesse visiting from the border between Iowa and Nebraska fished aboard the Regina with Capt. Victor, aka El Güero, landed wahoo, red snapper, tuna and caught and released a striped marlin.

Rick Gong (a member of the Dan Hernandez group) from San Diego, aboard the Regina had an awesome day of fishing also landed tuna, red snapper and wahoo, plus dorado.

Todd Hoodenpyl and Kim Coggins from Tillamook, Ore., aboard the Liliana with Marcos and Geovanni caught and released blue marlin, striped marlin and landed some tuna.

Darrell Parnell along with his grandsons visiting from northern Oregon and southern Washington aboard Yanet with Capt. Felipe Ruiz and Reggie caught and released striped marlin and landed tuna and dorado.

Visiting from Tijuana, BCS, return guests Juan Pedro Arce, Jorge Bendek and Hector and Paola Moreno fished aboard the Alegria with Capt. Juan and Martin. They landed a 299-pound blue marlin by Cerralvo just a bit north of Hotel Buenavista after over an hour of fighting the fish.

Chuck Weatherwax from San Diego came with the Dan Hernandez group and had a blast fishing aboard Liliana with Marcos and Geovanni landing a bunch of tuna.

Maurice Singleton, also from San Diego, aboard Tres Hermanos with Miguel and Omar Sandez caught and released striped marlin.

Paul Quiñones, Enrique Gonzalez, Ricardo Garcia and sons aboard the Vagabundo and the Dottie B II had a great time landing tuna and catching and releasing striped and blue marlin.

Return resort guest Joe McKlein spent a day of fishing aboard Dottie B II with long time friend Vicente Cosio and deckhand Marco Garcia. They caught and released half a dozen blue and striped marlin.

Steiner from Los Barriles, BCS aboard Alegría with Capt. Juan Garcia and deckhand Martin caught and released striped marlin and also landed tuna.

Esaul Valdez and Jason Poch aboard Calereste with Julio Cota and deckhand Luis Arce hooked a nearly 500-pound beautiful blue marlin; unfortunately after a three-hour fight, the line broke.


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