We go to all points of the compass looking for fish

May 31-June 7 Report

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort

Baja winds blew from the north at 6- to 10-knots while the water temps dipped from the high- to the low-70s.  Air temperatures have remained a consistent low-80s with nice sunny skies following some morning clouds.  Wind blew from north 6 to 10 knots.

As for fishing, it has been somewhere between very good and excellent:

 Victor (aka “El Guero”) aboard the Regina with guest anglers Eck Curtis and Tony Lawson. They caught and released both a sailfish and striped marlin; and they caught and kept a nice wahoo.

Max Lee from Sacramento aboard Tres Hermanos with the crew we jokingly call “Los Pollos” (the chickens) caught a huge wahoo.

The Steven O’Neal group – minus Mr. O’Neal who was hung up with flight cancellations – brought Stuart Fest, formerly of Los Angeles and now in Oregon, a guest who has fished at the hotel for many years; with Adam Mohler and Kim Andersen from Florida. Fest was aboard cruiser Liliana with Capt. Marcos and deckman Geovani when they ran into a pile of yellowfin tuna.

Stuart Fest fishing aboard Liliana with Capt. Marcos and deckman Geovani caught tuna as well as caught and released a striped marlin.

The Barry Heyrend group, visiting from Los Angeles, included Kajiyama Hideyoshi, Fujiwara Hideaki  and his buddy, Ohashi Noriaki from Chicago and Japan. The group caught and released striped marlín while fishing aboard the Liliana with Capt. Marcos and deckman Geovani.  Heyrend has been a hotel guest for nearly 40 years!

Dave Andrews, Jerry Aiken and Todd McAfee from Salt Lake City fished aboard Dottie BII, with Vicente aka “Chera and Marco, catching and releasing a striped marlín.

Buenavista Beach Resort skippers went to all points of the compass looking for fish from El Faro (the lighthouse), El Farito, Bajo de Punto Gorda, 30 miles east of La Ribera, Cardonal, the 88 and other areas.  Our crews and guests spotted sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, marlin, sailfish, possibly a swordfish, manta rays, dolphin, and even a gray whale. And – good news – schools of breezing dorado!

The 4th Annual Buenavista fishing tournament was held on June 3.  Winner was Tres Hermanos with Hotel Buenavista anglers Orlando Gastelum, Oscar Gonzales and Ramiro Baca; Capt. Miguel Angel Sandez, known as “Pollo” and his son Omar Sandez, “Little Pollo”.


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