Sierras, Amberjacks and Yellowfin Tunas!!

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

Week ending November 9, 2016

Temperatures remain hot – from 67 to 85 degrees with mainly sunny skies; sea temps are still in the low 80s.

The bait available includes caballito, squid and ballyhoo, but still there has been little or no sardina.

Our old friend the North Wind seems to have found its way back to the East Cape; maybe we should build a wall? However by this time of year, many of our guests are just as content to kick-back and lay by the pool with a cerveza or margarita in hand.

For the serious anglers, we still have plenty of yellowfin tuna, not the huge ones that can hurt you — just the small variety that are great for sashimi.


And of course sierra should be in the neighborhood along with amberjack that were caught on the non-windy days this week.


Rounding out the catches was one lone sailfish that seems to have forgotten to leave.  Maybe it’s going to hang out until Thanksgiving which happens to be just around the corner!




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