There’s still lots of fish around

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

Week ending October 25, 2016


Buddies Dennis Nobel and Carl Peabody scored wahoo and yellowfin tuna while fishing together beneath blue skies on calm seas.


Carl Peabody yearning for more of the yellowfin tuna went out another day and had a banner day catching his limit of fish from 10- to 65-pounds.

Temperatures remain hot from 74 to 93 degrees – mainly sunny skies with sea temps remaining consistent at 84 to 86 degrees.

The bait available included caballito, squid and ballyhoo, but still there was little or no sardina.

Other guests also scored on tuna as well as dorado to 20 pounds. Those hankering to catch a billfish found striped marlin as well as several blue marlin to satisfy their itch.

Others, choosing to fish closer to the shore found fair to good roosterfish and jack action from the Resort all the way down to La Ribera.


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