Fish, Fun and Fiestas rock the house!

Week ending October 11, 2016

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort


Temperature ranged from 75 to 97 degrees — mostly sunny and hot with sea temps remaining consistent at 84 to 86 degrees.

The bait available includes caballito, squid and ballyhoo, but still little or no sardina.

This year’s Buds & Suds Contractor Invitational, a big game fishing tournament sponsored by the plumbing and mechanical industry’s leading manufacturers, celebrated their 4th year at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort recently.

For first timers, it was an exciting introduction to a unique corner of Baja along with big fish and of course an introduction to the age old Mexican tradition of the fiesta.

Certainly the blue and striped marlin added to the excitement during the day with many close misses and thrilling releases. Throw in some feisty wahoo that can go from zero- to 50-mph before anglers can get to the rod, and yellowfin tuna that can put an unsuspecting angler’s rod on the gunnel with their powerful force as they sound deep into the sea, frantically attempting to escape; all of which adds to the adrenalin rush and amps up the volume for the nightly celebration at the fiesta.

Win or lose, the exhilaration of their experiences will last long after the “Buds & Suds” participants return home.

We look forward to their return next year.

The pictures below will tell part of the story without captions; for more, visit their website.

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