Another Great Week of Fishing

Week ending August 23, 2016

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

Ugh-ugh-ugly weather as Tropical Storm Kay is swinging by about 400 miles away, leaving hot, humid conditions and a few showers over the past three days on the East Cape.  Temps remain at 74 to 89 degrees and the gentle showers are always welcome.

Billfish action continues to be special, with a trifecta of blue marlin, striped marlin, and sailfish and doubling down with an unusual addition …


Making the trifecta into a quadruple, join us in congratulating Ruth Maspero visiting from Texas.  Ruth caught and released an unusual Pacific short bill spearfish and couldn’t resist a quick selfie before it swam away.   Ever seen one before?  Few people have … congratulations again Ruth.


On Tuesday, our longtime friends Michael & Ruth Marr also from Texas, had some billfish action too, catching 2 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin,1 sailfish,3 tunas and this huge red snapper .

The yellowfin tuna have been taunting anglers just a few miles off shore stretching along the coast almost to La Ribera. Sure, there are some football-sized in the mix.

Mat Krischner

However, Matt Kirschner, Salem, Oregon, found a 45-pound yellowfin while fishing with Captain Vincente aboard the Dottie B ll.

Remarkably, the dorado are still part of this week’s fishing news. Nothing huge … some might say “dinky.”   A few of them looked like they shouldn’t have left their mother yet.

For landlubbers who prefer to hang out beneath the shaded beach huts on a chaise lounge, keep that fishing rod close at hand. The dockworkers are seeing and catching some respectable roosters in the low-20s.

Good bait supply for mackerel, bollito, ballyhoo plus some fresh squid for chunking.



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