An after-storm update and Bisbee`s 2016 results!

Week ending August 9, 2016

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

         Hot, hot, hot weather preceded tropical storm “Javier” that paid us a visit earlier this week.

No worries

         No worries — although lots of rain in a short period of time filled the streets of Los Barriles from curb-to-curb on Monday evening, there were only breezy winds throughout the night and cloudless skies on Tues., so our boats were ready to head out this morning.

While not the hottest fishing week ever, the first week of August may go down in the record books for the most billfish ever released in a three-day period. The 65 teams with 429 anglers competing in the Bisbee East Cape Offshore released 112 blue marlin, 36 striped marlin, 14 sailfish and 1 black.

It was quite a coincidence that the remarkable number of releases just happened to be in the same year that a new “Release Category” offering 1st, 2nd and 3rd cash prizes was added.


The heaviest blue, 427-pounds, was landed by Trenton Twamley aboard the “Bullrider” on the first day.  It secured the top of the leader board and, as it turned out, the Day 1 and 2 dailies across the board as well.

Owner Rick Twamley recalled, “I first spotted the fish on the sonar and then the meter. Realizing we had passed the fish, we made a wide turn back over the area.  The big blue inhaled a green and yellow Zucker 5.5.  My son Trenton, the designated angler, was down below when the reel began to howl. I took the rod and fought the fish for a few minutes, but as I have tendonitis, I knew I couldn’t go the distance with the fish. My son did a great job . . . $340,701.88!

Going into Thursday

Going into Thurs., there hadn’t been any qualifying tuna or dorado brought to the scale.  Midday the “Pangalisa,” a 32-foot Edgewater center console, arrived at the scales with two yellowfin tuna. John Dominac was the angler on the largest, weighing 111-pounds which secured the lead in the Gamefish Division. The rest of the crew included Captain Gonzalo Castillo, Jose Castillo, mate and Michael Hennessy, the second angler. With plenty of time left they jumped back in the boat to search for billfish . . . $108,900.

The final qualifying billfish arrived at the weigh station on Fri. aboard our own “Dottie BII,” skippered by Captain Vicente Cosio and mate Marco.  Team VIVA BOYZ consisted of Michael Loynes, angler; Alex Garcia, Miguel Garcia and Lucas Loynes with their fish boated in 30 minutes after being hooked on a black and green Black Bart lure. As their blue was hauled up to the scale, everyone joined in the “guess the weight” game. All held their collective breath as the fish was hoisted up. When the needle finally settled down, Trish Bisbee called the weight at a scant 16 pounds over the minimum 300 pounds – enough to ultimately win the $500 Daily Jackpot for Friday . . . $58,523.13.

Top Release teams

Top Release teams $2k Release Category winners

  1. Reel Quest 1600-Noe Isaias Cruz Agundez, Jose Antonio Bojorquez, Steven P. Hennigen, Dick Landfield, Bart Scofield, Brad Stevenson, with Captain Ty Valli . . . $23.205.00.
  2. Hooray 1400-Nestor Guillermo Aguilar Hinojos, Vincente Bojorquez, Captain Francisco Bororques, Eric Dunn, Carmine Galati, Jose Antonio Garcia Guerrero, Kenneth Padgett and Chad Pore  . . . $8,032.50.
  3. El Suertudo 1300-Darin Antin,  Scott Conely, Captain Greg DiStefano, Gary Mason, Bruce Mcdonald, Oswaldo Ortega, Alfonso Ortega Partido and Guy Yocum . . . $4,652.50.

An after-storm_

An after-storm update:  There is ample live bait; mackerel and caballito available. On the yellowfin tuna front, boats were already catching them this morning (Wednesday) close to shore, strung out from La Ribera to Rincon.


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