Week of excellent catches

Week ending August 2, 2016

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

There were calm seas and some rain mid-day to cool things off; consistent sea-temps in the high-70s.


In a week that has produced excellent catches of blue marlin, striped marlin and sailfish, TV fishing host and personality Dan Hernandez’s group had great action with multiple billfish and an impressive 61-pound wahoo caught by Steve Oropeza from California. All of this is encouraging news for this morning’s start of the Bisbee East Cape Offshore Tournament.

On Tues., tournament registration stretched well into the night when the 65th and final team, “Macario,” turned in their entry.  That’s four more entries than last year and drove total cash prizes for different categories to a whopping unofficial total of $540,850 — a nice increase from the jackpot last year.


Earlier, at the Captain and Team meeting, Wayne Bisbee announced that there would be 1st, 2nd and 3rd cash prizes for the “release” categories, a new innovation for the ECO tournament that attracted more than 50% team participation.

He also added that in order to conform with the other Bisbee Tournaments, One member of  all winning teams will required to complete a polygraph examination. (see rule 22)

At precisely 7 a.m. under cloudless Baja skies, the fleet of 65 boats sped off as the bright red flare fired by Cabo San Lucas Mayor Arturo de la Rosa sailed across the horizon.

The first fish was released 46 minutes later.  At a final check prior to completing this report, there are 2 blues currently hooked up and 8 that have already been released plus one yellowfin tuna on board.  What a start!


About 10:30 the first qualifying blue was brought to the scale by “Bull Rider” caught by Rick Twamley. “Took about an hour to land,” Trenton Twamley, commented. “I had tendonitis and let my son, Rick finish the job. I first spotted him on the sonar Saw him on the sonar and then on my depth finder and realized I had passed him. I made a circle and he ate a 5.5 green and yellow Zucker. Must’ve been hungry, he concluded.”For live updates check Catch Stats .


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  1. Steven Susick says:

    nice photos nice article all those boats and not a single dodo , wow seems impossible

  2. nice photos nice article , seems those dodo still are MIA

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