Prepping for the Bisbee East Cape Offshore Tournament

The Week of July 21-29

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

TV fishing host and personality Dan Hernandez  arrived on Thursday with his group in a downpour that lasted throughout the night; it was the first rain in many months.  “We didn’t think we would make it out today,” he exclaimed as he stood waiting on the beach, watching the hotel boats return with blue flags flapping and with members of his party wearing smiles a ’plenty!

Blue Marlin One of the local boats caught a blue estimated to be something north of 500 pounds!  Wherever you dropped a line, striped marlin and sailfish all seemed to want play.

All those biggies are an encouraging sign, with the Bisbee East Cape Offshore registration beginning on Tuesday and the fishing kicking off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

As of Friday the 29th, this premier East Cape event had 44 teams signed up with half again that many late entries expected at the Tuesday afternoon deadline. With that number total prize money should go well over the $500,000 mark.  Qualifying fish will include marlin over 300 pounds — and in the game fish category, yellowfin tuna and dorado.

Here at the hotel, the staff has been busy preparing for the full house expected.


Even if you’re not a participant, watching the flare streak across the sky at precisely 7:00 each morning while more the 60 tricked-out sportfishers head for the horizon at full throttle, is a HOOT!


Dan Hernandez standing on the pier early in the morning for a jumpstart of  Day Two fishing.


Felipe on day of practice for the Bisbee, to test the spinning spin fisher v 10500 with which we are going to win it. I’m holding up the reel, plenty of line and of strength. And the rod is a big Okuma Andros 2 PZ A-S-602 M 6 Feet


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