A week of great fishing

The Week of July 6-13, 2016

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort 

It was a week of flat seas with very little wind — and the great fishing reflected it.  There was cooler water inside with some quite warm water into the high-80s outside.


One of the resort’s cruisers, Tres Hermanos with Captain Ramon Tamayo, hit the scale today with a brutish 162-pound yellowfin tuna. Congratulations to Brad Gollhardt and Randall Willis for this awesome catch!


Mr. Larry Peabody admiring his catch before releasing it.  One more billfish aboard the Dottie B II with Captain Vicente Cosio at the wheel.


One more time! Julio Cota and Irving Green just before the release of another striped marlin.


With Jason Poch and Esaul Valdez displaying an unusual double wahoo catch.


Captain Vicente Cosio’s Team Dottie B II closes in on another release.


Sierra this time of year?  It looks like Brian Feathers just started his East Cape adventure with an unusual July catch.  Normally sierra mackerel are a wintertime favorite.


The conclusion of another fantastic trip to the East Cape at Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort with great friends and memories! For Jason Hummel and Adriana Gallardo.  Fish totals for 4 days: 12 tuna, 2 marlin, 1 sailfish, 1 shark, 1 jack crevalle and 1 sierra.


Only saw three roosters on the beach today but one is all it takes!  Nice work Wade!


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