Tuna by the bunch! Dorado by the score … and striped marlin galore!

The weather remained nice throughout most of the week; however, we did have a bit of strong wind on Monday that cooled the sea temps down below 80 degrees.

Anglers looking for striped marlin found them and as the water temps moved up to the low-80s, there were even some sailfish in the mix.

Riding that warm water theme was Chris Lomanto, from Sebastopol, Calif., who landed a 227-pound blue marlin.

Chris Lomanto

Last weekend delivered limits of football-sized tuna …and then more tuna.

As for dorado, numbers are definitely trending upward.  Some of the fish were being found in open water while others were beneath floating debris which is an encouraging sign.

The wahoo blitz continues.  Brandon Ballenger, another visitor from Sebastopol, brought in a dandy while commenting about the lightning speed of his fish.  Obviously, Mr. Ballenger had forgotten that’s why wahoo are called wahoo!


Inshore as well as from the beach, there was a sprinkling of roosterfish and jack crevalle – enough to make anglers’ efforts worthwhile.

Currently there is ample live bait available – including sardine.  No question that the summer season is warming up.

Congratulations to the Lomanto and Ballenger group — two fathers with their three sons, all with remarkable attitudes, who not only shared their fishing experiences, but also created an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. The fathers made a point to enjoy everything and sure enough, everything went their way.  As to their three sons? They took considerable pleasure and delight in East Cape’s great fishing.


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