This Week Fish Report!!

Hey everyone, Marc here from Buena Vista Beach Resort, in the beautiful East Cape of Baja Sur with the latest Fish Report. The bite has dramatically picked up over the last two days, with more and more Tuna showing up and finally getting some size to them. On Tuesday, the Dottie B scored 14 Tuna, two of which were in the 70-80 lb. range, along with a nice Dorado about 60 lbs. They also caught and released a Striped Marlin.

Yesterday, Felipe Valdez, our friend David, Pañ alito and myself, went out on the Marlintini to see what we could find. Out about 28 miles to the North East, a nice Striped Marlin was our first fish of the day. Then, spotting a giant Porpoise school about a half a mile in size with our Marlin lures still deployed we had a massive strike. After setting the hook, it became apparent that this was not a “schoolie” Tuna. After making its initial run, in true Tuna fashion, the fish came back to the boat and went deep. It soon became a battle of wills, as four of us took turns doing battle with this brute, with even Capt. Chicho getting in on the fight. Inch by inch, we slowly started making progress on this Sashimi Machine. A little more than an hour later, we saw color on the fish and were blown away at the size of it. Finally getting it to the boat, we quickly sunk two Gaffs into the fish and with three of us pulling, finally got the Cow over the rail and into the Marlintini. High fives all around and a celebratory cerveza completed the battle. After getting our second wind, we landed four more Tuna in the 15-25 lb. range and decided it was time to head back to weigh our trophy. Getting the Tuna off the Marlintini and onto the Loader, we took the fish up to the scale. When the fish finally settled, the scale read 242 lbs. What a work out! Afterward, we celebrated our catch with Sashimi and a few more Cervezas. Catch numbers have been good after Blanca blew thru and the water had a chance to clear up. Hopefully, the action will continue on this course as our Summer Season gets underway. That’s it for this report.

tuna2 TUNfelipe scale

Stay tuned for all the latest from BVBR and to get in on the action, call our Reservation Office @ 1 800 752-3555 to book your East Cape adventure. Thanks for taking the time to read our report and we hope to see you soon at Buena Vista Beach Resort. The place to see and be seen in the East Cape! Adios.


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