How to weather a storm East Cape style – Go Fish!

Buenavista Beach Resort is back online and getting caught up with our fishing reports and photos we have been collecting over the past few weeks. We didn’t have any structural damage from the hurricane so afterwards; some of our guests chose to Go Fish while they waited for news about the airlines. The fishing can be very good after the waters have been all stirred up! You can read some of their testimonials here.

post hurricane

Very few folks were able to reschedule their trips for this year but we understand and look forward to seeing our guests and friends again next year. For those of you that endured all the trials and tribulations of dealing with the airlines and made it here – thank you we really appreciate the efforts you’ve made. Our community depends on the financial support provided by anglers and tourists and with very little money trickling in; many of our local families have been suffering.

So again, there was only one thing to do – Go Fish! No guests meant no work, and no work meant no money, so it was off to the El Tule and Desdiladera areas south of us to jig up some fish and baitfish for football tuna, too. One of the good things to come out this mess was that the hotter than normal waters (caused by the El Nino) were cooled down a little. So here are some photos of Felipe and staff unloading their catch over the course of a few weeks – which was shared with many happy families.

We’ve been loading up the ice chests with yellowtail, cabrilla, tuna, amberjack,


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week we’ve moved on to add some wahoo to the catches, too! And the dorado were closer in, too. Today they were at the Lighthouse.

1015 Fridays first boat friday2

The weather has been outstanding, with only one day of north winds, which was just perfect for cooling things down a bit and lowering the humidity. The economy is beginning to recover here on the East Cape, especially with the wintering crowd beginning to return. Please consider paying us a visit and spreading some good tips around, buy trinkets on the beach, and spreading some love around. You, our dear friends are all that is missing.


Tip of the week – Go Fish!




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