Bad Ass Fishing Guys!!!

This past week here at Buenavista Beach Resort we had bait (cabilito and the much preferred sardina) good weather, anglers and a variety of fish. But first let me do a wrap-up from our longtime friend Pat Lowery and his Bad Ass Fishing Tournament (B.A.F.T) buddies. They joined us during one of our previous storms, and proved just how “bad ass” they were. Here’s what Pat wrote to us and some of his photos.

storm2 BAFT-GUYS-2014

 “We had a really good tournament this year; the weather was good till Sunday. We started the morning heading south and caught a couple of skipjack and bonito for blue marlin bait. Soon we were in a down pour and the ocean started getting really rough. Alex (the captain on Eclipse) asked me where I wanted to go and said you are now the captain. I turned the boat away from the storm and we head north towards the island.

 As we motored ahead it started to rain really hard, so hard that the fly bridge was leaking and rain was getting half way into the cabin. We had been trolling for about an hour when the blue hit the bait. It was my turn to fish, so I grabbed the poll from the fly bridge and tried to fight the fish standing up but it was too rough. I settled into the chair (first time in the last 25 years) as I knew I was in for the fight of my life. The blue jumped and leaped out of the water so many times I lost count. The waves got bigger, rain was coming down in waves and I was completely soaked.

 But after 2 1/2 hours I was finally able to bring the monster to the boat and complete a successful release. I will never forget this fight with a 300-pound blue marlin. Keep I mine, I have caught a 450- and 487-pound blue but this fish put up a much harder fight than any other fish I have ever caught……..we both won that day!”


Anglers at Buenavista Beach Resort also got into some fish this past week. We had “stringers” and some “whoppers” too.

Coming all the way from Georgia, anglers Tom Rawlings, Pete Colbenson and Jackie Reese had good samplings every day including this nice bull dorado.

big dorado for report

And Glenn Davis got a nice ‘hoo.

Glen wahoo

While Juan “Ling Chow” Martinez and buddy Eric “Enrique” Engstrom worked on variety.

thursday fish

Here’s Juan hamming it up with his ‘hoo.

pargo 02

So all-in-all it was a fairly good week and even the few that got skunked or lost some big tuna due to “operator error” still had stories to tell and some nice photos.


Tip of the week … keep an eye on Mother Nature but don’t let her keep you from what you love to do – just like Pat … our Bad Ass Fishing Buddy.




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