The good, bad and the truth

This past week at Buenavista Beach Resort the fishing was a little up and down depending on Mother Nature. We had good bait days and bad. Good weather days and bad. And, we had good “catching” days and bad. It was also one of those weeks when one boat would score; while a boat fishing right next to it did not. Such is fishing when Mother Nature is in control.

photo 2

Even on rainy afternoons, anglers hung in there until the wind kicked them off the water. We had the Medel group here with us, who also saw mixed results but overall, they all had opportunities for fish and all got some as well!

first fish

Last Friday was their most productive day, with the Algeria landing 9 dorado and a nice-sized triggerfish for that night’s ceviche. Careleste had a 13 dorado kind of day; Liliana released six peanut-sized dodos and kept one, along with a nice wahoo. The Eclipse had 12 dorado and the 3 Hermanos 12 dorado, while the Dottie B kept another 12 and released 30. The Don Jimmy successfully released a nice sailfish as well and that was just one day so, as you can see, it wasn’t THAT bad. But good, bad or “just so-so” here at Buenavista Beach Resort, we will never sugar-coat what is going on. There’s no point in it, tomorrow’s another day and currents change, water and air temperatures, bait locations, what a fish is interested in eating (or not) – it can all change the very next day.

got sardines

Just because you were able to get sardines for tuna didn’t ensure success, but Vicente, onboard the Dottie B managed to find some that would bite. Others found some on cedar plugs, while others found them but got skunked.

Over the next few days they mostly had dorado and a few marlin and sailfish but by Sunday the winds and water took a turn for the worse when another little system’s outer arms hovered over us for just a few hours and by noon most had come back in. In case you are wondering, Buenavista Beach Resort always has a “Plan B” and even “Plan C” for little systems that pop up this time of year. For example, if the waters begin to look unsafe, we just simply head down to the La Rivera Marina and drop folks up there, picking them up with our van. You’re comfort and safety is always our first concern.

We also had Togo Hazard’s granddaughter Gayle, husband and what would have been his first great grandson here, fishing with friends. Looks like we have another Hazard generation hooked!

togo 2

Gayle’s hubby Mike McFadden sent in these great series of sailfish photos from a trip this past week that also included full flags of football-sized tuna.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see by the dirty water, conditions weren’t always “perfect” but Mother Nature still let us have a few fish!

a little rough

Tip of the week- be sure to follow us on Facebook this week, while Axel and the Valdez brothers fish and visit with the B.A.F.T gang. I’ll be up in the states next week, so there may not be a report. But then – that’s why I have taken the time to write such a lengthy one this week.


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