If you follow us on Facebook or our website  you already know what an exciting time we had last week here at Buenavista Beach Resort with the Bisbee family and their 2014 East Cape Offshore Tournament. It was of course, a great success and lots of money was handed.

The format for this event includes a release division, which doesn’t have a jackpot but the prizes they earn is always a very positive way of encouraging releasing of the smaller fish. There is a 300-pound minimum for blue and black marlin and bringing in anything smaller gets points deducted for a team. That is why you never see many marlin brought to the scales. In fact, this year we only had two brought in and on the last day and one was disqualified. But the winning blue marlin this year, entered in the marlin category and all three daily jackpots, earned Team Nautahorse and angler Hector Guijarro Tomayo a record single-boat payout of $396,705 for their 323-pound fish.

Buenavista Beach Resort was proud to host this event, catering to 61 teams consisting of 411 anglers. If you’re planning a trip down around this time, why not time it for then?

Here is a great little film showing you what you missed. Click here to watch it

And here are a few photos of winning fish.

????????Every year Roberto Beltran sticks with his plan and it’s simple – just focus on tuna and usually it pays off for him. This year Team Zhao with Beltran on the rod they earned $57,100. Here is one of his winning fish – a 61.8-pound yellowfin tuna.


SONY DSCWith no dorado on  Thursday Friday’s fish was worth $57,010 including the rolled over money. Team Pocoyos out of La Paz got the job done with their 45.7-pound dorado in that game fish category.


SONY DSCFishing on the Gordo Banks for his first ever marlin angler Hector Guijarro Tomayo fished onboard the Nautahorse for the qualifying marlin – a 323-pound blue marlin that earned the team $396,705.


SONY DSCNo matter how you look at it that’s a big check. It’s also a record single-boat payout at $396,705 for the winning Marlin Division.

 Not everyone fished in the Bisbee, although some arriving guests that didn’t know it was going on really enjoyed watching it! We also had folks out fishing for fun (and food).

Kim and Kreg Coggins have been coming here for four or five years now, each time bringing new friends or family to share in their experiences. Kim said the only important thing was to make sure they too, got to come. This time they brought Oregon friends Todd and Kelly Hoodenpyl (on the right). They have all been enjoying the marlin and sailfish bite as well as tuna, dorado and triggerfish.


But now it’s back to “business as usual, with the arrival of the Medel group. They are returning to fish their own private tourney.

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