Don’t let the flags fool you!

We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s a reason they call it fishing and not catching” and this past week was an example of that. But we didn’t have a lot of boats fishing this past week out of Buenavista Beach Resort. Usually we don’t have a lot of guests here the week before the Bisbee Offshore Tournament. If folks are planning to stay with us around this time they usually wait and come while the Bisbee is going on. Even if you don’t fish it, it’s great fun to watch and there’s lots going on. And everyone staying with us on their Awards Night is included in the dinner on the beach – what fun!


Alex on the Eclipse and his mechanic are making sure everything is “ship shape” for the tournament next week.

getting ready

The nicest bull of the week (and his largest dorado to date) was caught by long time guest Conrad Bahre.

Conrad Bahre

For the most part anglers fished close in for dorado, tuna and marlin. A few took the gamble and went way offshore (30 to 40 miles) but only a few of the large species were found.

Fishing on the boat Scorpion with buddy Matthew Clifton, Felipe Valdez, Proprietor of Buenavista Beach Resort were two of the few who found a nicer grade tuna this past week. This one was estimated at 100 pounds.


With fewer boats fishing that far out, there were even fewer reports. All of that will change next week though, when almost everyone will be out there looking for the biggest fish they can find for the tournament. We also had a few bottomfishing for some delicious tasting pargo. So all-in-all, there was some fishing, as well as some catching – just not as many reports.

Don’t be fooled by the flags. The dorado limit is two per person – but you can catch and release as many as you want like Vicente’s clients did!


Tip of the week: If you buy your fishing license online before you arrive at Buenavista Beach Resort, the monies generated stay in the northern region. If you wait and let us get it for you, the money stays in Baja Sur and in part goes to enforcement down here.


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