Time to hit the gym!

This past week at Buenavista Beach Resort things really started to turn around, with more sardines and more tuna. By mid week word had gotten out about the little bay where both the sardines and tuna were starting to school up and about 50 yachts, charters and pangas showed up from as far away as Cabo.

Andrew’s triggerfish may not have been the biggest fish of the day but it was the tastiest for ceviche. Never ever toss a triggerfish back if you like ceviche!

tigger happy

Fishing for four days on the Yanet with Felipe, Bill Bennett and buddy Lou Dieters from Santa Charita fished offshore one day but spent the rest of their time closer in with the pack.

tuna were getting bigger

The first day inshore they got into the tuna ranging from 30 to 35 pounds. The second day they were even larger.

and bigger

By this time everyone was really starting to get excited. With the tuna now obviously starting to school up and boil and at least a limited amount of bait available, everyone hit the sack early that night. Anticipating another stellar day, anglers launched as quickly as they could to get started on what promised to be another epic day. Instead, shortly after launching the skies darkened and within five minutes, the thunder, lightening, wind and rains started.

So what started out to be another great day on the water for Buenavista Beach Resort guests ended abruptly, in a mad dash back to the dock in some very scary seas. We are all so used to the modern access we have to weather condition reports, that when one sneaks up on us it really surprises us. The rest of the week slowed as churned up waters, fish and conditions recovered.

But there was still a happy ending for Bennett and Dieters though, as they had sent some of their fish to The Smokehouse, feasted like kings while they were here and vacuum packed a total of almost 200 pounds of fillets. Their final count for four days was marlin, sailfish, 3 roosters, 15 yellowtail, cabrilla, and 13 tuna.

end result

One of the keys to their success was using light tackle and 30-pound-test line due to all of the fishing pressure. Here’s a tip folks – if you are headed down here this summer for some big game fishing.

Hit the gym before you come.


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