All or nothing kind of week

Last Friday Felipe, on the Yanet, found a nice bunch of little football tuna for our guests here at Buenavista Beach Resort. But this past week we had more weird weather and water and it turned out to be one of those weeks where anglers either got into fish or got skunked. And while it is frustrating, we are blessed to have guests that understand “that’s fishing” and conditions change from week to week.

The Bender family were one of those that did find the fish and quiet a nice variety of them, too.

Bender familyFrom left to right are Deckhand Fabricio, Diana, Xander, Bryanna, George and Carlos (Capt. of the Dusty B).

 The sailfish was gut hooked and the marlin, tail wrapped or they’d still be in the water. All of the fish, including the yummy wahoo went straight to the vacuum packer. Six-year-old Bryanna caught a 60-pound striper, older brother Zander a 150-pound sailfish. They had a total of eight of them including Mom’s 200 pounder.

Young Antonioni fished with his family on a panga one day and out did them all, catching the largest pargo.

AntinioAnd then there was Nate Reyes from Folsom, who has been coming down to Buenavista Beach Resort for four years now. This year he gets to cross dorado off his bucket list. He got it fishing on the Careleste with Carlos.

Nate Reyes 35All-in-all it wasn’t a bad week, for those that didn’t get skunked, but then that’s why they call it fishing and not catching. We had 16 marlin, 15 sailfish, 9 tuna, 24 dorado,, 35 tasty triggerfish, 2 pargo, released 3 roosterfish and even had a shark, wahoo and a spearfish.


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