Lighting them up!

This past week here at Buenavista Beach Resort our guests caught a total of 10 different species. Not bad considering the fact that we had two different systems down below us sending us some chop, and then later on in the week some afternoon thunderstorms.

Dorado and striped marlin fought it out for top spot again this past week; each tallied 31 fish. For the marlin, the largest was about 180 pounds, while the largest dorado was about 35 pounds. Fishing in the same areas as in previous weeks (down south) overall it averaged out to being another solid week.

Bill Summers and his wife had a great day, releasing a nice roosterfish weighing about 50 pounds.

Summers 50

Bill’s wife caught the largest dorado, weighing about 35 pounds.

Bill summers wige

And you’ll never guess what they had for dinner that night!

Summers 35

And then today (Friday) Trent Stiefvater from Chico, CA brought this nice bull in.

photo (11)But this is my favorite photo, it too was from today and is a photo of 4-year-old Tomas with his first dorado.


We also had 5 blue marlin up to 300 pounds, 18 sailfish, 16 football sized tuna, 1 shark, 3 pompano, 3 amberjack to 45 pounds and 2 pargo. Now it’s time for Buenavista Beach Resort’s annual 4th of July horseshoe tournament – hope you have a great weekend, too! Happy Birthday America!


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  1. Mike Marr says:

    The best day we’ve ever had with y’all there was a hurricane in the Pacific and the water was very choppy .

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