East Cape Ecstasy

Occasionally it was a little bumpy out there this past week for our Buenavista Beach Resort guests due to some winds from the south. But we still managed to have a decent week. Guests staying with us this time of year have a tendency to stay for longer periods of time to do a variety of things so if it looked like it was going to be a windy day they just switched activities and fished the following day.

We released a lot of blues, stripers, sailfish, dorado and roosters but the big news were the tuna. In fact, while the tuna completely eluded the other resorts, we managed not only quantities of them but a big one as well. Towards the end of the week the schools moved in closer and Vicente, on the Dottie B found them just 10 miles out and trolled through them long enough to land 15 to 30 pounds and then went on to release 2 marlin, others managed a few each.

Buckets fish 30 pounds wall 2 wall

The next day longtime guests Kathy and Stan Ecklund fished on the Yanet with Felipe and Reggie, landing a 110-pound tuna on 30-pound tackle with a single speed reel. It took the team 1 1/2 hours to land but they got the job done.


All of our dorado were small this past week, one boat caught and released 40 of them and our total was 69 for the week. Other species included pompano, pargo and amberjack. Thanks to the wind, we had some dirty water close in but as soon as it clears you can bet beach anglers will start targeting the roosters we are seeing from our dock.

Mucked up waters




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