It’s all about being flexible

The fall/winter transition is upon us here at Buenavista Beach Resort. And while it doesn’t mean that we have put on our long johns, it does mean that we’ll start to change which species we target. When one opportunity disappears, another one pops up in our bountiful Sea of Cortez. All you need to do is plan on leaving a “window open” of a few days, in order to be flexible wind wise. If you can – so can we! Just tell you want to fish say …. two days during your stay, and we’ll find the best ones for you.

This also fits into our “End of Year” Promotion”, too. Book with us now, paying just 50 percent of your trip at this year’s tax rate (taxes go up next year) and you will save on your rooms, boats and so much more! And because we are flexible, you don’t even have to commit to your dates now either, you can do that after the holidays. That’s almost like an early Christmas present to you, friends and family.  You’ll find this great deal and discounts at the following link. Click here to follow this link to the page with details and to submit your form.  And just like that – your holiday shopping’s done!

If you choose this time of year, you’ll still find some good fishing for table fare, but you’ll also find more of Mother Nature’s blessing waiting for you, too. Right now we are still releasing baby turtles (read about our last release here), and already seeing many pods of whales breaching and enjoying our warm waters. There is also other sea life showing up, including manta rays, sea lions, turtles and lots of birds.

You don’t always have to be on a boat to view all of the wonderful sea life in the Sea of Cortez. This whale shot was taken right off our beach at Buenavista Beach Resort!

Whales-jumpingThis past week the Grill brothers and buddy Bob fished with us both out of Buenavista Beach Resort and from San Jose del Cabo. Speaking with them just prior to their return home, they tallied on fingers and toes the number of species and fish they had encountered. It’s a good thing they could each take an ice chest home!

On their first day, fishing from here, John Grill (who caught the largest wahoo on the trip) from Forestville, CA, Bob Naiman from Friday Harbor, WA and Paul and Mark Grill from Healdsburg, CA caught 6 to 8 dorado up to 20 pounds from Punta Pescadero out to the Shark Buoys. After that the winds came up and they fished the next three days down in San Jose on the Dottie. Trolling the Iman, they got 2 wahoo, mooched dead sardines for yellowfin tuna and got 3 dorado their first day.

Day two, they loaded back up in the van with their coffees and juice, breakfast burritos and lunches for another day’s adventure.  This is the day John got an early Christmas present; a 55- to 57-pound wahoo. The group also got a 30-pound yellowfin tuna and saw lots more breaching whale pods.

wahoo 06On Thursday, their last day out of San Jose was actually their best. They had 4 dorado, a ton of needlefish, more tuna to 25 pounds, tossed back small dorado, caught tasty triggerfish, and even caught a huge pargo estimated at 70 to 80 pounds. Mother Nature said “Good-bye” to the guys by showing off a forming water spout in the distance and more whales.

Locally, the “Tin Boat Regatta” were just about the only ones around to get in on the great local fishing. Our neighbors were enjoying large collective feasts of wahoo and dorado. And Buenavista Beach Resort’s Chef Elmo was scouring pargo to 30 pounds off the beach here at night after work.



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