A week all about family

For this late in the season the fishing on the East Cape and at Buenavista Beach Resort remained very good.

The water is still a little warmer than usual (79 to 80 degrees) and for the most part,
the winds stayed down. But even on the occasional windy afternoons, the cool mornings still
climbed to 75 and 85 degrees. One of our best years ever for billfish continued with an equal mix
of sails and striped marlin. There were a few more larger dodos in the mix, more of the elusive
speedsters (wahoo) came into the spread and some big sierra were taken on the troll as well as
from the beach.
It was another busy week, especially with the Bloom Clan still around. Kennedy Meadows
Resort & Pack station owners Matt and Leslie Bloom had brought down both sets of
grandparents, his brothers, their wives and all seven of the kids from 7 to 17 years old for some
Thanksgivings feasting and fishing. And while fishing was the number one goal for just about
everyone it seemed, they also managed some offsite trips and a quad ride to the waterfalls.
Between the kids and the adults they caught 35 dorado, 7 sierra, 4 needlefish, 2 triggerfish and 2
wahoo on their fishing days. And that doesn’t even include the billfish released, or the ones that
didn’t quite make into the boat.
Bloom Clan
7-year-old Gavin Lanini got to spend some quality time with cousin Spencer Bloom.
bloom kids
While William Bloom got to fish with his two grandfathers. How lucky was he!
The real surprise though, came on their first day of fishing, which just happened to be the last
day of the new Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic, mentioned last week. Since it was
free to enter anyway, each of the kids, women and guys entered in their divisions. Competing
against fishing families from San Jose and Cabo guess what?
Gavin Lanini
Young Gavin Lanini won the Jr. Angler Division on the second day of the 2-day event! So after
he gets home his “special time” will continue, as he will have a King Sailfish Mounts trophy and
prize pack mailed to him, and his picture in Western Outdoor News.
Turtle release
And while the Sea of Cortez may have given up some of her bounty, the Bloom clan and kids
gave back – helping to release 250 baby turtle after a day of fishing, before heading up to the
terrace at Buenavista Beach Resort for their Thanksgiving dinner – in a week that truly was – all
about family.
The Valdez Family & Buenavista Beach Report, hope you had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving week and
weekend as we all did. Our friends and family had a lot to be thankful for!

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  1. Gadgetgeek says:

    It is always thanksgiving at Buenavista Beach Resort, we always love it.

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