Time for the sea monsters and neighbors

Halloween may be over but not the fun! Does anyone recognize this sea monster from the deep?


It’s a sea bass, caught by longtime Buenavista Beach Resort guest, and now neighbor, James Bull. Many of the local residences around here start out their Baja life staying with us and like the area so much they eventually build a home here. Such is the case with many of the homes around us.


Our chef Elmo stands behind James, as other longtime guests join him for a delicious dinner. Bringing their catch over for us to prepare, is a great way for our neighbors and ourselves to stay connected! It’s always fun to catch up and see photos of their kids and now, grandkids.

Another long-timer, now home owner here, Tom and friends, fished this past week, finding an excellent billfish bite. Here’s what tom had to say. “Dan and his son joined me for a day of fishing the day before we were to have a week of wind and waves from Tropical Storm Raymond. It was perfect, no wind, water was like glass and about 85 degrees. Except for about a 3-hour slow period in the middle of the day, we had knock downs and fish all day on the Alegria. The score for the day was 5 marlin, 1 sailfish and 1 dorado. The dorado was just enough for dinner for four, cooked at the resort.”


As Tom mentioned, we have had a few every late season systems pass by us on the other side (Pacific). No direct hits, but the last two, including Tropical Depression Eighteen-E, which is joining us now, have made the waters kind of rough. With weather patterns changing world-wide, it has been a little bit harder to predict when the storm season will end but this looks to be the last one finally! Stay tuned to read what we have planned for the winter season here at Buenavista Beach Resort.

This past week the squid returned, but still no tuna. Our anglers were not complaining though – there have been plenty of billfish to play with and lots of dorado for dinners!



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