Short but sweet

This week’s Buenavista Beach Resort’s fishing report is short but sweet. Sweet because the bite picked up again. It’s not that there haven’t been any fish; it’s just that finding many willing to bite was easier. Almost everyone got what they came for, or close to it. And short because, most of the fish were released.

Longtime guests (and friends) David and Lori Dial, who have been coming here for 23 years now, fished six days off and on during their stay. Fishing onboard the Alegria with Juan, they caught sailfish, striped marlin, dorado, a blue marlin, pargo and squid. The squid was used not only as chum but also for dinner, as was the pargo and some dorado.

Six-year vet to Buenavista Beach Resort, Roland Moreno from San Diego fished two days. One day inside and the other on the outside. Moreno’s tally for his trip was 2 released sails and 1 striped marlin released plus 3 more “long distant” releases offshore. The next day 4 dorado hit the deck to 30 pounds. He lost his bucket list wahoo just out of gaffing range as it took one last leap and spit out the hook. Moreno says he’ll be back next year to get the job done!

 Ronald Moreno

Yesterday (Thursday) the Jerry Dwyer group, also fishing on the Alegria with Juan, managed limits of dorado and released a blue marlin that Juan said was 300 – 350 pounds. As of this report, that would have been the winning fish in the Bisbee tourney going on right now in Los Cabos. By the way – our very own Axel Valdez is down there too, once again manning Tournament Control for the Bisbee’s Black & Blue tournament.

Guests at Buenavista Beach Resort have enjoyed incredible photo opportunities this past week. The beautiful pink, then yellow, turning to a brilliant bright white moon rose up; looking as if it were coming right out of the Sea of Cortez and guests were ready with camera in hand each night. And the interesting thing was – it didn’t seem to impact the bite for us much either! Talk about a win –win!

photo (5)



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