Oh those darling dodos!

If you were after dorado or billfish releases, Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort was the place to be this past week. Guests reported single, double and even triple hook ups at a time of striped marlin and sailfish. Anglers were filling up their ice chests with dorado, a few wahoo, pargo and groouper since no one could find the tuna after the wind came.

Here at Buenavista Beach Resort, we encourage and 95 percent of the time, release all billfish and marlin. But as hard as our captains, deckhands and guests try – they don’t always survive. Sure – there is the occasional angler or two that want to keep their “first ever” fish. And of course, when they do, the meat is never wasted. And as mentioned in a previous fishing report, Buenavista Beach Resort has partnered with Gray Taxidermy; the largest of its kind in the world. So thanks to modern technology, keeping the fish is no longer required. We simply measure the fish and then release it.

When a fish does not survive, the least we can do is honor it with a photo. Here’s the Pratt’s from Texas. Members of the Coastal Conservation Association, a non-profit organization spanning 17 coastal state chapters, this was the only fish they were not able to release. What a beauty!


With the occasional wind day upon us now, we are starting to share our beach and water with the occasional kiteboarder.  Wouldn’t it be cool to start your day fishing on the Sea of Cortez – and finish it up with a few hours flying just off our beach? Never tried it before? Come check it out – we’ll hook you up!


Planning ahead – our good buddy Joe Galindo knew the wind was coming up yesterday and opted to drive down to San Jose and fish on the Eclipse down there.

In the winter we keep the Eclipse down in San Jose so our guests have other options on windy days. But it’s too early to do that just yet. The reason the Eclipse was down there was because the Bisbee’s Black & Blue starts next Tuesday (10-22) and the Eclipse, with Alex at the helm are headed down to Cabo. Good luck to everyone in the tournament!

Jigging for tuna, Galindo and his buddy Lorenzo, soon here, ended up finding some grouper.

photo (5)


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