Close in or way out!

This past week we saw the water temperatures drop just a degree or two and there was a little shift in the currants. More noticeably, was the shift in the weather. Yes – it was still warm (well hot) at the beginning of the report period last Thursday. But at Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort, today (Friday) you could definitely feel a subtle change beginning to happen.

The feeling of fall is in the air and with it, some of our best weather and fishing of the year. There were not as many photos this past week, but that’s only because there were a lot of releases.

Dusty B II 3

We had 25 billfish released, comprised of striped marlin and sailfish. We also had a 200-pound blue marlin.

 Anglers looking for cow-sized tuna were disappointed after long runs offshore produced only sightings and no hook ups. But those that stayed close in found the footballs earlier in the week.

10-10 fr


 As the week progressed, we had a bunch of little dodos (100) but by the end of the week they started finding a little nicer quality fish like the ones in the photo here. From left to right are Roy Booker, Heiu Le and longtime guests David and Lori Dial. The Dial’s have been coming here for 23 years now!

 And to end up the report, guess who caught a ‘hoo yesterday?

Jesus Valdez

That would be Lt. Coronel Alonso Pérez González, right, President of Mexican Federation of Baseball. The longtime baseball player and his son Anuar Pérez  Esquivel were first time guests of Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort owner Jesus “Chuy” Valdez (left). Weighing in at 50 pounds and caught just off La Ribera, Don Valdez said an even larger one bite off the line. What a great first time experience and dinner they had!


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