The had and had nots –that’s fishing!

This past week we were once again visited (slightly) by another tropical storm. It is very unusual to see them a few weeks in a row. But if you read our Weekly News Tuesday on Buenavista Beach Resort’s home page or Facebook – you know why we are not complaining!

Not everyone got into the stripers this past week. That will have to stay on at least one couple’s “Bucket List” until they return next year. But that is not to say they didn’t get fish, and lots of it! Having gotten as much as they wanted to take home, they donated the rest to the orphanage. Here they are with some of their catch one day – we ran out of hooks to show them all.

couple2Another first timer, Bob DanyLuk from New Jersey, fished on the Mosca for three days and by the end of his trip he had crossed everything that was on his wish list. He even released some that weren’t on the list! That was a 5- to 6-foot long hammerhead shark. The bite was early and Luk came back in early, too. He said he just couldn’t reel in one more fish and headed to the hot tub

dany lukBuenavista Beach Resort had approximately 160 football tuna, 85 dorado, some pargo and a few roosters. The bite has been good, just 15 minutes south of us so no one went offshore. All of that will change after today though, since the B.A.F.T anglers returned for their 10th annual Bad Ass Fishing Tournament.

So it was a week when the “had nots” got donated fish and a week and the “hads” went home with big smiles on their faces and ice chests filled to the max.


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