Got fish – we do!

This past week was filled with activities. As mentioned previously, there was a very important Sportfishing Association meeting held at Buenavista Beach Resort last Friday with many important issues on the table. A report on that meeting will be made available to us “soon”.

The next day was the 2nd annual East Cape International Tournament, of which we had a few of our boats and guests entered. Once again, the Eclipse did us all proud by taking second place in the Marlin Division with a 224-pound blue marlin; Dusty B II took second in the Tuna Division with a 196 pounder as well as first place in the Dorado Division with a 43.4-pound fish. We are very excited and proud of both our captains and guests!

Eclipse 91Dusty B II 2Dusty B II

Although rain was predicted, Mother Nature cooperated and the tournament was a great success. Up three teams from last year’s event (37) and with more locals attending; this tourney is becoming known as an affordable event for everyone. Teams came from La Paz, San Jose and Cabo to participate as well. Fish weighed in were prepared for the community and event goers to eat and some were also sent to the orphanage. Monies raised from the event will be used for next spring’s Children Tournament. Last year almost 80 youth participated and each was fed and won a prize. This event happens the last weekend of August each year – so mark your calendars for the next one!

This event is another example of the “giving back” concept we so believe in. Our own Felipe Valdez is president of the East Cape Club, with equal numbers of locals and gringos in its membership. If you are planning a trip down in the spring; why not consider using one of your fishing days to give a local youth an experience of a lifetime! Or – if you are committed to introducing the next generation to sportfishing, you may also sponsor a youth. We’ll be talking more about that as we get to the last weekend of April, when the tournament happens on the Day of Celebrating Youth.

????????As for the rest of fishing this past week at Buenavista Beach Resort, tuna were back in the spotlight, with 113 footballs brought in. The cow-sized ones seen in the tourney are still south of us and very few were interested in making the long haul. Why would you when there were tons of footballs closer in?

lanchasNext up were dorado. Here’s Axel Valdez getting ready to hang one for a guest’s photo op. We had 54 dodos this past week, even though not all of them were this big.


Also found just off the Lighthouse and La Ribera Banks, were pargo, skipjack and dorado. Felipe Valdez with TV Host Capt. Jimmy Nelson of Extreme Fishing Adventures, right, did a little light tackle work, close in Yesterday (Thursday) for a nice stash of fish and released a 40-pound rooster while they were at it. Nelson is here with his film crew filming their annual program here.

FelipeStriper numbers were down a bit. High boat for the week though was the Careleste, with 7 released on Saturday. We had 17 this past week.

We seem to be making up for lost time from our drought this year; another rain event is headed our way this weekend. But these things never stay more than a day or two and most of our guests stay long enough to reschedule their day (s) on the water. So let Tropical Storm Lorena come and go and then let’s get back at it!




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