Tropical Storm Juliette – gone – just like that!

During the beginning of this report week for Buenavista Beach Resort, good numbers continued to be posted and for a variety of species as well. Striped marlin weren’t as thick as they have been but all of the takers were photographed and released.

Dorado were the number one species caught, including some nice bulls. But by Monday their sizes were coming down. The problem was the weather, more specifically Tropical Storm Juliette. The storm did no damage, having passed us on the Pacific side (which is usually the case). But it did dump some much needed rain on our parched little paradise overnight and early morning at Buenavista Beach Resort and the wind stirred up the water.

After dorado and stripers, pargo (on the Mosca), football-sized tuna and amberjack rounded out the list of species caught. Capt. Alejandro on the Eclipse had the James Gardner group onboard for three days, targeting and finding all of the species they requested. They released marlin and brought back dorado, amberjack and pargo.

Their last day was the day Juliette showed up out of nowhere. They were on the hunt for cow-sized tuna. Fishing under “Victory at Sea” conditions, they did find a few – just not the cows they were looking for.

08-30You can see the heavy clouds forming overhead as they returned that day.

Today (Friday) Buenavista Beach Resort is honored to host a meeting between the presidents of each state’s Mexican Sportfishing Association. Attending part of the meetings will be a representative from CONAPESCA (National Commission for Aquaculture & Fishing), CONADE (National Commission of Sports) and SECTUR (Secretariat of Tourism). Many important issues regarding fishing and regulations will be discussed. We wish them all a very successful meeting!

Following on its heels, Saturday is the 2nd annual East Cape International Tournament. Mother Nature is so far cooperating as the weather and waters are already calming back down so we’ll see how that turns out. Many of our captains are fishing it!



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