A week spent close !

This past week it was all about the easy pickings for anglers inshore. There was no reason to go offshore as there were plenty of fish just a few miles off the beach at Buenavista Beach Resort.

Whether you were fishing on the 3 Hermanos, the Yanet, the Alergia or the Eclipse  (to name a few) all of our boats did well! Spend a little time by the squid boats, get some squid for dinner and bait, there were also some nice dorado hanging out there. After anglers had their fill, it was off to the reefs for some bottomfishing.

Alegria 3 hermanos

First-timers (and returning) guests from Gerdau Long Steel did well and ate week all week. The group released striped marlin and kept enough pargo and dorado to feast  on every night. Many of the group caught their first marlin ever. Enjoying a nice Cuban cigar and Happy Hour drink, they all had stories to tell; as they mixed a little business with pleasure.

friends2 friendsThen there was Josh Banfield’s group with Momo and dad Louis Lo and Humberto Luis from the Bay Area. Their photos tell it all. On a bottomfishing mission, they enjoyed whole pargo (snapper) deep fried every night, along with some grouper.


Pete Baio from Orlando, Fl had Vincente and the Dottie B all to himself and obviously  enjoyed himself.

Peter BaioAlthough he comes here for the marlin, he doesn’t mind eating a little fish while he’s here, too!

Today (Friday) a little weather comes through. The pelagics  love rain, thinking it’s a ton of little baitfish splashing on the surface, so we’ll see what happens next!


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