Memories being made

Memories are made here every day by guests fishing with us (photo examples to follow). But now in addition to taking a photo to capture your memory, we’ve added another great option. Buenavista Beach Resort is proud to announce our partnership with Gray Taxidermy; the largest of its kind in the world.

 On Wednesday a special Captain’s and Crew Meeting was held in the Buenavista Beach Resort’s restaurant bar – befittingly one of the rooms where our trophy mounts adorn the walls. The meeting was held to allow our crews to hear first-hand how our new program is going to work.

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort believes strongly in conserving our natural resources and supports the Worldwide Billfish Foundation’s catch-and-release program. A few years ago we made the switch to MUSTAD circle hooks exclusively for our bait set-ups to help increase the odds of making this possible. Now – we have taken the next logical step for our guests – the option to have a mount created of it. Our crews now have all the necessary tools to record and measure your trophy fish so you can have a mount created. What is a “trophy” fish? Anything that is memorable and special to you! A first-time 5-pound snapper can be just as important to one guest as a cow-sized tuna is to another.

 Thanks to modern technology, skin mounts are no longer necessary and these memories will last a lifetime! Curious how’ they do it these days? Just follow the link here.

1185950_10153179315500227_780603401_nFrom left to right: Axel Valdez, Gray Taxidermy’s General Manager Bill Dobbelaer, Tracy Ehrenberg from Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo. She too, is a strong supporter of the catch & release program and therefore the mounts and came to show her support at the meeting. Next to her is V.P. of Gray Taxidermy, Ian Hall and of course, Felipe Valdez. We look forward to seeing these flags flying on some of our boats at the end of the day!

And now – for some memories!

wahooMosca 01It’s not always about the catching though. Here’s three generations of the Stratton family from San Diego.

Of course a little “catching” never hurt anyone either! From left to right are Skip, Brady and son Jackson Stratton. The first-timers have caught just about every species imaginable this past week and released fish as well!

3 gen

First time guests Andy, Bob, Tara and Chelsea Austin from Cheyenne, WY had a dorado kind of day on Thursday and will be sampling some of their catch tonight.

fam.fishingThey weren’t the only ones catching dorado today though. In fact today we had 20 dorado, 1 wahoo, 4 stripers and 4 pargo for our guests. Yesterday our long time friends the Medel Group arrived and they will fish for three days starting today. Look for a report on how they did next week!

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