“A week of keepers and releases”

This past week Buena Vista Beach Resort anglers had a variety of keepers and plenty of releases as the good bite continues and the billfish hang around. Not only that – the roosters are still just off our beaches.

Bryan Myers from Huston couldn’t get the big guys to go but even the smaller roosters put up a great fight. And …. It was his first one ever!

rooster myers 2rooster myers

Whether you were looking for some bait or dinner, it sure weren’t hard to find; just look for the squid boats still anchored off our waters. In a lot of cases that’s where the other fish were as well.


Those not working the boats found action close in, just off the Lighthouse. Steve, Debbie and son Michael Tovar from Norco, CA are 6-year vets of Buena Vista Beach Resort. Releasing yet another billfish, Michael has another photo to hang on the wall back home! And there’s 3 more snapper, 2 dodo and one yummy amberjack to put in the freezer.

tovar family

Finding the tuna though meant chasing down the porpoise which is not always an easy task. But it helps when you have the winning captain of the Bisbee Offshore as your guide. The tuna for the most part continue to be footballs.

From left to right, here’s Corey Capps, Scott Haymaker and Jeremy Schonwald from L.A. with Alejandro Castro of the Eclipse. You can bet they had a feast-especially with Chef Elmo in the kitchen!

haymaker & friends



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