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The Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament was a lot of fun here at Buenavista Beach Resort this past week and as promised in our “Weekly News” – here’s the scoop.

As Tournament Director Wayne Bisbee put it, “All in all we had a pretty great week of fishing,” Bisbee said. “We just didn’t weigh in a bunch of fish meeting the marlin’s minimum weight of 300 pounds. However, there were 214 billfish released, 36 dorado boated and 12 big tuna!”

The first day it was all about dorado with three brought to the scale. Oso Loco’s angler Jesus Corona took the top gamefish category with his 44.6-pounder earning him $24,225.

Oso Loco’s angler Jesus Corona
Oso Loco’s angler Jesus Corona

The bulk of Day 2’s fish were tuna, with Chucky Van Wormer on the rod aboard the La Hielera. Fishing at the buoys outside of Las Frailes, his yellowtail was so big they had to use the “the bucket” on the front loader to haul it up to the scales. Weighing in at 192 pounds, it secured Van Wormer the largest total payout of the event, $63,150. Meanwhile the release numbers had reached 73.

Chuky Van Wormer on "La Hielera"
Chuky Van Wormer on “La Hielera”

The last day everything went down to the wire again in the marlin division but the day was spent busily weighing both tuna and dorado. Largest tuna of the day was a 146-pound yellowfin and the largest bull dorado weighed 47.8 pounds.

Now for the best part! When “lines out” were called by Axel Valdez, in charge of Tournament Control at Buenavista Beach Resort; there were still no qualifying marlin brought to the scales but there were rumors of one headed in. With the scales closing at 7:00 no one knew who it was, how far out it was or if they would make it in time, assuming it even qualified.

The excitement was intense when at 5:50 our very own Alejandro Castro on the Eclipse 91, a 29-foot Phoenix here at Buenavista Beach Resort radioed in that he needed “the bucket”! How exciting to see our guests coming in with a possible winning fish out of 70 teams!

Team The Hayseeds on Eclipse 91
Team The Hayseeds on Eclipse 91

Posing at the weigh-in are the Eclipse’s deckhand Jesus Cosio and Valentine Castro seated below, Felipe Valdez, second to the left, Hayseeds team captain Grant James flanked by the 337-pound blue marlin while Chris Connelly stands behind the winning angler, guest Rodney A. Normand holds his rod next to Axel Valdez and Captain Alejandro Cota who fill out the photo on the right. We couldn’t be prouder of our crew or guests! That night of course we ALL celebrated!

But the fishing never stops here at Buenavista Beach Resort and while the competition may be more low key again, the fishing hasn’t backed off. One angler of note was Joe Galindo from Sacramento. On his first day of fishing he wanted to try for pargo and striped marlin on the Mosca. Way to go Joe! Got them both!

Joe pargo

The second day he was ready for some offshore action and went out with Capt. Alex on the Eclipse for tuna and a sailfish. Mission accomplished again with 6 nice footballs and a sail!

Joe tunaDay 3 he was back on the Mosca looking for jacks, which he found – look at this nice 30 pounder

Jack JoeBut he couldn’t find the roosters – that is until he came back home to Buenavista Beach Resort. There is a school of bait that can often be found right off our dock. Having a little live bait left over – it was time to try for one of the big roosters seen lurking among them. Ask and you will receive!

joe galindo roosterrooster releaseNow he’s up to his fourth day of fishing, third on the Mosca – this time searching for dorado. Can you imagine anywhere else where all you have to do is “ask”? That’s how good the summertime fishing is here! Yesterday (Thursday) he got dorado and 2 striped marlin and he still has one more day of fishing. Way to go Joe and once again – a big “High Five” to our guests the Hayseeds Team, Capt. Alex on the Eclipse and his crew!


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