Brief but Substantial

This past week Buena Vista Beach Resort had a busy time both on the water and here at the resort. We even had a few boats entered into the Dorado Shoot Out. The Shoot Out was a tough event for anglers simply because there were so many stripers stealing their baits. And then we had the 13th annual Bisbee Offshore start up here at the resort on Tuesday and it has been a crazy, good time for all!

It was a short fishing week as we prepared for the event but here are the totals for us. They included 22 stripers, 3 sails, 10 dorado, 239 tuna, a few bonita, pargo and roosters. As you can see it was another week all about the tuna!

Gerry and Pam Aguirre from SD and Bill and Colleen Reid Phoenix, Az may not be fishing the Bisbee today but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t go out on their own and show the boys how its done!  They had 20 tuna and this 130-pound striped marlin which is on its way to the Smoke House.

AGUIRREAnd here’s one with the crew

CREWHere’s Mark Johnstone’s grandsons with
the dorado they caught when they were here on June 20-23 Sterling Doak left,
Thomas Burrows right. “We had a great time,” Johnstone said.”Thanks for all that you did to make it a great trip! We at Buena Vista Beach Resort thank YOU!



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