Another no-brainer plus a few firsts

Our Buenavista Beach Resort reports run from Thursday to Thursday, just in case you want to jump on a plane for a long weekend and get in on a particularly good bite. And that, once again this week was the case as we hit our summer stride.

The water was more stirred up from the previous “hurricane” warning than it was from the last threat from Hurricane Erick this past week. It was a no-brainer; we pulled our boats for the day just to be on the safe side since the ports were closed anyway and then we were right back at it in stellar fashion.

The day after Erick was one of our best this past week and the week was full of some firsts as well! I think the following photos speak for themselves. From the start of this report to the finish we sent 49 boats out. As the waters continued to warm up both inside and out Buenavista Beach Resort anglers brought 73 striped marlin to the rail as the great bite continued.  Although the dorado were not numerous in numbers they were great in size. Our boats continued their hunt for the porpoise in hopes of finding some tuna among them and where successful in doing so with 161 boated including a 70 and 72 pounder in the mix. There were also pargo, amberjacks, a lone gallo (waters were stilling warming back up) a few released sharks and 1 swordfish!

Now for the fun part … some photos. Tuesday we had Buenavista Beach Resort’s boats back in action and there was plenty to go around.  There were the ongoing released marlin flags flying and bigger table fare added to the count.

1 3 generations dodoYou don’t need a lot of dorado when they come in this big. What a great shot – three generations showing off their catch.

2 Dottie Day flags

Inshore and along the beaches the waters were still a little green but check out the offshore action courtesy Dottie B’s flags. Bait was returning and so were the roosters. Once again the big ones started showing up off our dock and if you had bait there was a good chance you were going to land one. Here’s Felipe Valdez from the resort hoisting up one of his guest’s first ever!

3 beach rooster

And then it was onto the tuna and as the numbers started to climb again so did their sizes.

4 tuna boysGary Hernandez and son from Los Vegas with their 70 and 72 pounders caught amongst the footballs. They were dropping off the rest of the family so they could go back out and find a marlin to release while the sashimi requested for dinner was prepared.

5 Tons of tunaNext up – of course we had quite a few anglers young and older have their first marlin. Buena Vista Beach Resort prides itself on the number of successful releases we score each day thanks to the use of our circle hooks but even so – it’s hard to have a “perfect” record, especially with the ones that take longer to bring in. Here’s Noland with his son’s very first.     

Photo 6  Striper And last but not least, here’s our first swordfish of the season. Better late than never!

This was a long read and we at Buenavista Beach Resort “Thank You” for taking the time to read our weekly fishing report. As you can see things are changing quickly here on the East Cape. The next few reports may be more photos and less conversation though since the Bisbee Offshore is in less than two weeks and we’ve got lots of anglers already prefishing for the event as well as first-time anglers here to work on their “Bucket List”.

swordfishHere’s one last photo just for fun. One boat with a released marlin plus a few beer cans flying to show what a great time they had. Also in the photo, Careleste’s deckhand teases a rooster just below while a guest watches it swimming around. Be sure to follow our Weekly News and Fishing Reports here or get caught up on the fishing by clicking here.

7 cans


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  1. David Quinones says:

    I miss everyone at Hotel Buenavista…

    1. The fish and resort are just waiting for you 🙂

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