A week of flags

I think this photo pretty much sums of this week’s fishing at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort … there were a ton of marlin released and nothing but big bulls hung up for photos.


Today’s the 4th of July and first-time guests to the resort, Bob and Mary Jo South from Clear Lake City, TX fished with daughter Sam and son Tyler for two days. Releasing 4 marlin on their first day, they had double hook ups the second. Dad had the pleasure of a double hook up with both his son and daughter and then Tyler bested them all with this big bull weighing 56 pounds! Check out their patriotic colors for this special day!

South family

And here’s ma 50 pounder.

Dorado 02

And a nice dodo caught on a fly.

photo (4)

There was so much action today (Thursday) but details from some of our guests were not available by posting time. There will be plenty of opportunities to chat tonight during the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort’s horseshoe competitions and 4th of July celebrations though! The waters cooled off last week but as you can see – the warming waters are bringing the pelagics back, including the big boys. Next up will be the return of the tuna.

 The waters along the beach also warmed up. Today while waiting for boats Felipe tossed in a treble hook and hand line to get some bait. Guess what hit it instead? A huge rooster – right off the dock! Sadly, whose ever the hand line belonged too, hadn’t tied off the line to the bottle though and before we could even get a photo taken, he was at the end of the line – which swam away with the fish while returning boats and guests yelled out a collective AHHHHH – DANG!



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