A day late and a tuna short

Yes-I know we’re late. Usually we try to get our reports out on Thursdays, just in case any of you want to take a quick break and jump on a plane when there is a good bite developing. Well a good bite is developing and that is why this report’s late – sorry!

We had a longtime group; the Wall2Wall  folks return from Utah that were fishing a small tourney out of Buenavista Beach Resort yesterday, today And tomorrow that had such great successes that the last boat didn’t return until 7:00 last night!

So let’s get started with the report. We had too many great catches to go through them individually but here is yesterday’s (Thursday) report which says it all. These are from the Wall2Wall’s first day of a 3-day event that included novice as well as seasoned anglers.

First of all there were the football tuna. There were about 75 brought in between all of the teams this day.


But they were not all little guys and many said they were fishing among 100-plus-pound sized tuna jumping everywhere.

wall2wall guys

Yesterday there were only about 15 marlin released since we have all had some many (and are getting a little spoiled) most wanted tuna and bull dorado! Occasionally one or two did not get a way – which was too bad since it is a release only event.

dorado&marlindorado2But there was one particular fish that did get away and the reason why this report is a little late. After releasing a 120-pound marlin on the Careleste, anglers Dean Miller, along with Derek and Brian Cooper got into a big fish. Four hours and not nearly finished fighting; they lost the estimated 150- to 200-pound tuna when it broke the rod in half! Yes-they were a little disappointed after all three had put so much time into it but they still had a great time. And as you can imagine, with all of the great fish the rest of the crews brought in – tuna and sashimi were enjoyed by all last night.


Although this report represents just a “day in the life” at Buenavista Beach Resort, from time to time there may be good reason to be “late” again. So to be on the safe side – just sigh up on the follow sign on the corner for an alert telling you when the report is posted . The summer is just underway – time to get packing!


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