Warming waters, schools of billfish, things are starting to pop!

Just in case you missed it – here’s our top photo for the week. The Dottie B II with Vicente at the helm for the Helget family had quite the day, releasing 11 billfish. Meanwhile Victor Sr. on the super panga Victoria had some fly guys out looking for some marlin and – even on a week when live bait was “getting the job done” they managed a sailfish on a fly. Axel had 3 releases … after that I lost count except to say it was a heck of a week!

The Helget Family
The Helget Family

There’s more bait in the system now with ballyhoo leading the charge since the sardina are still up north. Thanks to a dead whale – 25 miles straight out there was plenty of fish in the area and big schools of billfish. Everyone that had bait did well.

By report time (Thursday) our buddy Dave was hitting his stride on the Mosca with Victor Jr. (see photo below of the two). Heading down to the Lighthouse for some trolling action he landed a billfish, a small dorado, his first cubera snapper weighing 65 pounds, his first ever wahoo in the 55- to 60-pound range, a jack crevalle – and we aren’t even to the weekend yet!

Dave and Victor
Dave and Victor

The action’s starting to bust wide open – so we hope you’ve got your tickets lined up!


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