First hand trip report on the Alegria

Our good neighbor Tom fishes with us regularly this time of year and sent in this report from his trip out Tuesday.

 “The dorado just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It was an exciting day. Within the first 20 minutes we had 3 fish in the boat. Jesus hooked the first one. As he dropped the first lure in the water to start trolling, it was fish on. Good news is we didn’t have to clear any equipment; none had been put out yet. Bad news it was that it was just a 10-12 lb skipjack, only good for chunk bait.”

Tom said within the next 20 minutes they had caught another skipjack and a small dorado. “I would have let the dorado go as it was a small one, but since it was my first one this year I thought it would make a great dinner.”

 “Now it’s about 9 a.m. and we have seen a lot of marlin jumping but none have shown any interest in our lures,” Tom said. “The water is calm and no wind. Yesterday it was 86 degrees and I figured it would about the same today. I dab on some sun screen to protect my nose and ears. The right outrigger goes off and we have a fish on. I grab the rod and set the hook. The center outrigger comes unbuttoned and we have two fish on. I reel in the first which is about a 15-lb female dorado, and reels in the second which is about a 20-lb bull. Nice.”

“During the next 3 hours I see a couple of turtles, more jumping marlin, have lunch and do my mental exercises (power napping for 20 minutes at a time!). It’s about 1 p.m. and the right outrigger pops and it is a replay of the earlier catch. This time number one fish is about 25 lbs and number two is 35 lbs. Thus, they kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.”


Tom said was fishing about 25 miles out was headed back towards the dock, when the center rod starts screaming out line. “I leap to the rod as Jesus jumped down from the fly bridge and dropped back a rigged ballyhoo. I couldn’t get a hookup on the lure but we had a hungry marlin behind us, attacking another lure, its fins and tail flashing neon blue in color.”

“It’s a bite on the rigged bait,” Tom said. “Jesus let the fish run for about 6 seconds till it had time to swallow the bait. He sets the hook and Juan guns the boat. It looks like a hook up – not!

“Three more time we go thru this maneuver but the bait is gone and no fish. Jesus reels in the empty hook, re-baits and drops it back again. It was a very aggressive fish but not enough to stick around and get caught.”


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  1. Keith says:

    Great report. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Tom does like to write, luckily for us! In fact, he’s back out there today with a friend from Texas – so I’m beating he’ll have something to write about after today, too!

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