4-4 Fishing update

It’s been a little choppy out there this past week and bait (or the right kind) has not always been available. The marlin have been major teasers lately, with a ton of them being seen sunbathing and even tailing.

But that‘s not to say all efforts have been fruitless! Just a few miles off Los Frailes our boats have been finding both striped marlin (and some big ones, too!) and dorado. The fishing has been consistent enough that no one has bothered to head north in search of the yellowtail.

Eric Harting along with his son and daughter fished on an independent panga called the Victoria with Victor Jr.the other day and managed these two nice dorado weighing about 30 and 35 pounds. They also had a striped marlin weighing about 180 pounds. The dorado took bait, while the marlin wanted a lure.


The wind did pick up a little on their way back in but it was at their back side and helped speed them along! Look for more Fish Tales later today and every Thursday right here on Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort’s fishing link.





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