Get your bags packed – it’s time to go fishing!

There’s lots of fish out there now even as we transcend from winter to springtime fishing so Watch Out fish – here we come! Now that the winds are letting us get at them we’ve been finding yellowtail within two or three miles of the Buena Vista Beach Resort, hammerhead shark off Punta Pescadero, the bills are headed our way, there’s plenty of bottomfish for dinner, plenty of triggerfish for ceviche and even a few dorado taken off the beach. And that’s just for starters!

Bait has not always been readily available but even without bait those with the skill to get them to bite the iron did well. And with a lifetime of experience, yesterday Jesus “Chuy” Valdez, owner of the Buena Vista Beach Resort reminded them who the boss is. Spending a little family time on the water yesterday morning (Sunday) with his son Axel and grandkids, Chuy had dinner hooked up in no time.


“We were fishing with Capt Victor Jr. on our super panga Mosca, left at 7 and were back before 10,” Axel said. “And the great thing was that we were only about 2 miles out, right in front of the hotel. There was still no bait around so we were jigging and my dad got hooked up on his second drop. The kids loved watching their grandfather fight the fish and bring it over the rail – it was almost as big as them and there were all kinds of other sea life for them to watch while we were out there, too. Then, it was back to the resort for breakfast and a day spent at the pool on a beautiful day.” Axel estimated the yellowtail weighed about 35 to 40 pounds. If you have kids – don’t leave them behind – take them fishing when you come!


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