A change is in the air…literally

Although high season is winding down, mostly for anglers as the winter winds move in; there are still fish to be had. We fish year-round but the trick is to have a little more flexibility and a few extra days open to fish in case the wind picks up.

Not everyone is looking to cross a cow-sized tuna off their bucket list. Many of our anglers are simply looking to enjoy a day on the water (or two) and but some dinner on the table and in their ice chests. We are moving into yellowtail and sierra season and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Last week our boats headed down to Los Frailes for a mix of sails, a few tuna and dorado before heading back out front of the resort for more dorado action. It was nice to be able to finish up the day closer in, especially since by the weekend the winds kicked in. Not many were interested in making the long haul down to Gordo Banks to try for big tuna, especially after all the extra pressure brought on by the tuna tournament. The bait was also scattered after the tournament demand.

And from the beach, we are starting to get sierra.


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