More big tuna!

There’s a reason the Dottie B II is moored down at the Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San Jose del Cabo until the 18th of this month….it’s the closest launching spot to the Gordo Banks fishing grounds, home of the big tuna. Esaul was not the only one that got big fish this past week on the Dottie B II.

Longtime Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort guests and anglers Buzz and Mary Fedorka, who now own a home in San Jose Del Cabo, still fishes with Captain Vicente on the Dottie B II whenever he is down there. Last Saturday they fished with him and sent this report, and some tips.  


“It was caught on 80-pound line and came to the boat in 45 minutes,” Fedorka said. “This will make a lot of sashimi and a lot was cut into steaks about 1 1/2 inches thick. When the fish started to come into sight at the side of the boat we couldn’t believe our eyes as it neared the surface.  The largest one we had ever caught previously was about 100 pounds.  It was quite a fishing day. We are headed back out on Wednesday. There were other tuna caught in the same area last week over 350 pounds!”


“The tuna came behind the boat to eat chunks of baitfish that were chummed systematically into the water over a half an hour,” Fedorka said. “This was actually the second one we hooked that day. The first fish made a terrific run right after it was hooked and broke the line. On the second hookup the drag was substantially reduced for the first part of the fight.” They also fished with him yesterday (Wednesday) and said the fishing was just as good.


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