A S.F. Giants fan and Buena Vista Beach Resort guest, sent these after they made it into the World Series. Why to represent!!

“So I wore BV shirts listening to the last three games (wins) against the Reds, including this one during game 4.  It was good luck again tonight!!! Saludos”

Image“Dude this stuff’s getting silly, and stinky, but good.  Mosca for life!!!”

“Hola,  HELL YEAH, mi amigo.  We did it!  Still very shocked.  I was too busy and nervous tonight to take a picture.  But you know what I was wearing.”

“Mosca for life. My first rooster, then a trip to the World Series.  Thank you, and please thank Victor, from all of us!!!  He started all this!  Be well, Saludos”